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yo yo yo we have been quiet lately! I hope you've all noticed the brand-spanking-new Hikaru app in the app queue-- let's cross our fingers for Mochi, who plays Hikaru in my other LJRP. She's really good, I promise.

But the actual point of this post is inquiring about the curse this Sunday: does anyone in particular want some mothering from Presea? I feel like this could have some humorous... or not so humorous, if you wanna go that way... possibilities.

A couple more notes:

OOCly, the date for the binding ceremony has been set for mmm, around 4 Jun -- it will depend on the curses going on -- and that will be announced ICly later this month. Although if you're in the wedding you can assume you were told before that because ffff doesn't give you much time.

Chi will be visiting me between 12-18 Jun, so we will in all likelihood be MIA then. Just a heads-up!

♥♥♥♥♥♥ to all
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Going in again!

Even though he has an injured left shoulder Eagle has recovered enough, so he believes, to go back in and finish taking out the nest of harpies near Building six. There is a sign up post if anyone else wants to get into the action here. At least he isn't going alone this time... ^^" 

Also Eagle would have been missing over the weekend though he would have sent a message telling Lantis not to worry, because he sort of said he would. This would have been an actual post but LJ having so many issues lately... I just decided to skip it. I hope these issue work themselves out before too long.



Does anyone want to play in this? This City’s barrier is down and harpies are apparently going to be attacking the citizens.

I did a post for Eagle here that I guess will determine if he will take the FTO and try to leave or not. Meanwhile Aska will likely be getting attacked and/or attacking harpies her at some point, though this might not be a post for her.

Lol, so, head’s up! Plot on?

On and BTW! Lantis CAN SO sing! Click/download 02 - Sayonara no Hanataba.mp3!


So this curse today and tomorrow? Presea kinda wants to manage your band. Can we do this?

I was thinking that Hikaru was our former lead singer gone onto solo projects, and maybe Umi could be our new lead? Or Clef, he has a girly nice voice. Lantis would be a great silent bass player. Eagle could manage sound. Tatra... drummer? idk, I'm just throwing things out hopefully.

I'd love to post something today or tomorrow. Sorry about the late notice/idea, I just thought of this like... half an hour ago.
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Haven't made one of these in a while...

Plotty heads-up for everyone at the beach house!

Or more like a question: I had my semi-free day tweaked for tomorrow and plan to post with Umi for the flowers, flowers EVERYWHERE curse. I was wondering if you people would mind crazy flowers sprouting on unusual places over at the house? I plan to restrict them to Umi's room and other vacant ones, so it'll be easy for your characters to avoid/not see/ignore them if they will.

And the garden, too. Because masses of flowers are out there already and they'll come pretty handy for what I have in mind.

So that'd be it about my plans for this girl tomorrow. Apologies for the scarceness, everyone. I'm about to net an amazing internship, we're about to enter the danger zone exams season and I'm just too asdbgxymo;eimojomg to focus on much else. .__.;;;

so the bride is proposing

Hello hello hello~~

We don't do a lot of plotting here recently, do we? Half my fault, I suppose. Is the MKR band going to get back together at the end of the month? Because I totally think they should. That's still one of my favorite curses. |D

Anyway, yes I am still on hiatus, and still trying to tag here and there because ilu all, and normally wouldn't do any serious plotting, but Chi and I have kinda been working on this one behind the scenes for a while, so! This is the official announcement that your Pharle and your Guru will be getting married sometime this summer (date tbd), and they will become engaged ICly on Sunday, 20 March. There will be some kind of log. Spring equinox, you know, auspicious day.

Details will be worked out ICly but this will not be a traditional Western wedding, heh, and I think I need to draft Umi for a maid of honor-type position? If this is okay with Val? Anyway, it won't be a big thing, just the beach house residents and a few friends. So yeah.

And then they will be moving to their own little cottage in the woods for some actual privacy. |D But will still be around to shout at people and/or help them. (...Similar mentoring styles, I notice suddenly.)

So yes! Questions, comments, how could you abandon us, etc?
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Missing for a while

Alright MKR peoples. This is me signing off for a while. Mom goes in for surgery tomorrow. It’s minor, knee replacement surgery, but I will clearly be gone all day tomorrow and I likely will be too busy for rping for the rest of the week.

I won’t put myself on an official hiatus unless this becomes more serious, but I probably won’t be posting either. Just to let y’all know.
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Just an Update!

I know I've been experiencing some epic fail lately, and I'd like to apologize for that.

When I returned in Late November I thought things had actually settled down. Boy! Was I wrong! Instead of settling down, everything exploded. Some in good ways, and some in not so good ways, which I'm sure will be good once they've completely settled down too! Now I'm trying to slowly get back into the swing of things and become more active once again. I'm still in the process of getting things situated but it's looking like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So that's what's been going on with me recently. I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know!

[I was just glad I managed to complete those Christmas cards for castmates, with everything else that had been looking iffy too.]
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Celebrating a day late

Formal notice:

I will not be here on Monday, likely at all… but I may be on LATE at night. Since I can’t look into the future I have no idea. I have a Birthday Party to attend, my own , so yea… head’s up.
Tues. and Wednesday are fine for plottiness though. Post your shard things then if you want me to keep up with them.